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Has someone coughed into your face before?

"Be a Hero

Cover your mouth when yawning, sneezing, and coughing."

"Guilty as charged," Champion.

What's your plea?

Most of us yawn, sneeze, cough around freely without covering our mouths, and never think of the consequences.

Worse still, people cough and spit anywhere and everywhere, on the streets, in the parking lots, even from moving vehicles. Do they think about the people behind, or beside them, the shoes that will step on the scum and the gum, then carry the BUGS to

the next breeding grounds?

Years ago, in the U. S. A, a sick student coughed into my face in a lecture room.

I became ill before the class was over, and I suffered a nasty flu for two weeks.

Most of us love chewing gum. And we spit it out anywhere. So, while jumping rope, Champion stepped on the "Disgusting" gum. As the kids helped her remove the gum, Gina, one of Champion's friends, was feeling bad.

Gina sneezed hard and loud, spraying her viruses on the other kids.

The children spread the viruses to their classmates and teachers. They all went down with flu the following day. Each child took the viruses home, and the spreading continued.

Guilty for making her parents sick, Champion decided to fight the viruses' spread tactfully and in a friendly manner.

She put on her Superhero attitude and went to work.

This story teaches children the importance of protecting themselves and other people when they’re sick.

It teaches children to be friendly and to stand up against bullying.

Be a Hero teaches children how to be responsible and how to practice good health habits.

Kids will learn and sing this message for the rest of their lives!

Have you entered your plea yet?

Check it out!


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