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How to Make Crispy Plantain Chips

Cut plantains are jealous lovers, always hugging their partners

 tightly, so you must be gentle, parting them if you want some tremendous crispy chips.


Unzip their green or light yellow jackets neatly, slice their fresh skins into

the thinnest possible rings; and spread them on a tray like delicate

China wares, then sprinkle them with one-fifth-tear spoonful of salt.


Heat your frying pan for two minutes, pour three ounces

of oil and heat for three more minutes.  Nicely lay the rings one by

one inside the heated oil like sleeping babies.


     Never drop the sliced rings into hot oil; this act drives oil mad and

     makes him act mean  -- Usually, he'll jump up before you know it

     and gives you some dirty slaps; his slaps always leave ugly marks

     on his victims' faces and bodies.


              I love plantain chips, so I follow the rules of the game:

     I keep in mind; 'never allow a drop of water into the hot oil,' since

     doing so could be more dangerous than dropping sliced rings into it.

     I always stand in the front of the stove and gently turn the chips with a

     long frying fork or a spoon. Plantains chips cook for about seven minutes.


              When the chips turn brown, they are done. Scoop them out with a draining

              spoon and let the excess oil drip off the sieve for at least a minute. 

     Taste the chips --

              If chewing them sounds like you're frying some onion in hot oil, you

              have made some crispy chips!


                                Uzoma R. Ezekwudo                          

Copyright © 2001 Motherland Inc.  All rights reserved.

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